About Daisy and DaisyDiapered.com

Hello and Welcome to DaisyDiapered.com, this site is made by a real ABDL (with help!)

My name is Daisy Elizabeth, I am a real ABDL/LG. I am also a switch however meaning I can go from being a sweet submissive little, to taking on a dominate role such as mother, nanny, and a few others.

diapered-daisy10I wish I could say I have always known I was ABDL/LG but honestly, this one took time for me. I entered the adult industry as a webcam model who had never owned a sex toy. I instantly took to being watched on camera. I would be lying if I said I didn’t love the attention!

The transition from webcam model to producing my own content was not instant. I spent a lot of time trying out different kinks. Nothing seemed to really seem for me outside of vanilla fun. I always enjoyed light BDSM as a Domme, and on the submissive end as well (so long as it didn’t hurt too bad!) However, I knew there was something more I was craving.

I grew up loving dolls, pastel colors, pretty dresses, and all the things typical little girls love. However I never really outgrew much of it. I always felt strange being the only one who still loved going to the park, playing make believe, and missing their toys. I never thought of it as identifying with a certain age.

I used to dream about being forced into diapers, or having accidents, never once did I even think of this as a kink or lifestyle. I would wake up embarrassed and try to forget about it, until a few years ago that is. One day I was webcamming and a chatter asked if I had diapers, I asked them why on earth would I. They kept asking me to get them, and I finally caved. I bought some on ebay, sadly in the wrong size. When I finally did a webcam session with them I created my own diaper from sheets and other things.

diapered-daisy03My home made diaper may had been a failure during the session, but it sparked my curiosity. I began searching the web for more to understand this fetish. I had already been into wetting, and light humiliation at this point. I had no idea I was already an LG. When I saw there were so many others just like me it was a huge relief!

I started contacting websites to see if any were hiring models. Most of them were not in the USA, or even near me. I really wanted to explore this more. Finally I got a few replies from sites interested in working with me. When they sent me a package of diapers, plastic pants, and a onesie, it felt like my birthday! I had never been more excited!

I started embracing my inner little, to this day I am still finding out more and more about myself as an ABDL/LG. My self exploration is something that continues to this day. I guess since I already was pretty camera trained, and had spent the last few years speaking to a camera like a friend it was not a huge surprise that people enjoyed the content I created.

My POV (Point of View) style of webcamming, and my bad habit of talking too much seemed to cause my videos to e popular. So I continued making them, and loved making them. I slowly stopped webcamming and focused on making ABDL content. Overtime I have definitely become more and more comfortable with ageplay and being a little. Being a domme however has never been something I needed to work on.

diapered-daisy06My goal is to provide ABDL/LG content that is creative, quality, and has plenty of variety. I am very passionate about my fetish, and I think it really shows in my content. As of right now I will be updating with 12 new clips a month, photos, and my personal blog.

Thank you so much, I really do hope you enjoy my site!

- Daisy