• Overall Fabine Review

    Overall Fabine Review

    Here I give a review of my first Fabine!

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  • Pees All Over Her Socks

    Pees All Over Her Socks

    This was a request. I had just finished working out and come home to pee into a bowl that I stand in wearing mid calf socks. I soak the lime green shorts and my socks in pee. Its disgusting but [...]

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  • Pee Holding Contest In A Diaper

    Pee Holding Contest In A Diaper

    I start off already desperate to pee. I am in a diaper because last time we did this I ended up losing a putting on a diaper. Since I am already in a diaper the deal this time is, Loser [...]

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  • Overalls Diaper Change And Orgasming

    Overalls Diaper Change And Orgasming

    I had just had breakfast and was in nothing but a diaper and robe. Daddy sent me off to my room to change into an outfit he picked for me. It was over-alls….not the biggest fan but I put them [...]

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  • Open Diaper Peeing

    Open Diaper Peeing

    Here I am in a really wet diaper needing to change it. Daddy has a lingerie and diaper set for me to change into so I get to changing my diaper! I lay back open my diaper and begin to [...]

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  • Overall Diaper Masturbation

    Overall Diaper Masturbation

    The clip starts off with me telling you how I have to go potty really bad. I am in a diaper, overalls, panties, and a top and my diaper is already kind of wet from earlier so I am afraid [...]

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